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Siberia likes postgres and jsonb !
trekking, Himalaya
I'm attending a big (~2000 attenders) siberian it-conference Codefest-2014 in Novosibirsk. This is mostly regional conference and I see a little intersection with Moscow conferences, so it's useful to speak about postgres to siberian people. I've got a good audience at premium time, there were several hundreds people in the big hall, the doors were open and many people were outside. I was able to sway a people and present almost all major features of 9.4. The most interest was about jsonb, especially, from users of other databases, who disappointed about this missing feature. I had to stay several hours after the talk to discuss various questions about postgres. I asked people about json queries they interested in. Most queries are trivial and should nicely supported by current indexes, but some people asked about structured queries like "people oriented queries" - find something "color":"red", which are the question I'm thinking on for the long time and hope we'll be able to support in VODKA. This is a difficult question and we still don't know the right direction. Of course, we can always improve the current indexing, but I want something more :)

We'll give a talk at two more big russian conferences (x1000 attenders) in april, so there will be more feedback, but it's clear to me, that jsonb is a diamond of 9.4 release from users side, at least. Logical replicatin is also very nice, but it's not yet in the state to shine to users.

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