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Hstore development for 9.4 release: part 2
trekking, Himalaya
I fly Sukhum tomorrow morning for conference about spatial databases, so here just one example:

=# SELECT '1=>x'::hstore, 'x=>1.02'::hstore, 'x=>true'::hstore, 'x=>false'::hstore;
  hstore  |  hstore   | hstore | hstore 
 "1"=>"x" | "x"=>1.02 | "x"=>t | "x"=>f
(1 row)

This is very simple select, but it demonstrates types support, thanks to a new binary storage, which now supports scalars, boolean and numeric values.

=# select 'scalar'::hstore, '100.1'::hstore, 'true'::hstore;
  hstore  | hstore | hstore 
 "scalar" | 100.1  | t
(1 row)

That means, json could use our binary storage and finally be effectively usable !
As always, there are something we need to develop, but basic functionality is already ready.
We need to touch indexing stuff, which works, but we didn't checked yet, and binary recv/send.
Also, we are waiting for accepting gin patch (I already wrote here ), which greatly accelerates
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А как тайпкастинг работает? Например, в качестве значения я могу запихнуть пользовательский тип? Или True не как boolean, а как строку?

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