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Friendly interface for Postgres95

One of my first post to postgres community. Who now remember NCSA Mosaic ? Interesting,
that wdb-p95 is still working

From Mon Sep 11 12:06:07 1995
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Subject: Q: Friendly interface for Postgres95
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now when postgres95 v.1.0 installed and passed all tests (without regex :-()
on my Sparc 10/51 (Solaris 2.4) I'd like to have some friendly
interface to generate forms, reports. My users prefer to have an access
to postgres95 from PC-box (Dos or Windows). I try to find something in
Internet but failed. Does anybody know the friendly way for communication
with postgres5 from unix, Xwindows, MS-windows ?
I installed wdb-p95  - WWW interface to postgres95. It looks great and
it's possible via Netscape/Mosaic to talk with postgres95 from MsWindows,
but I'm not sure whether wdb-p95 provide a possibility to insert/edit
data or not. Also I'd like to know how to convert data from postgres95
to another database and vice versa.
        Hope you're not tired,
                Oleg Bartunov

Oleg Bartunov - researcher, hostmaster
Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Moscow University
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