March 16th, 2018

trekking, Himalaya

SQL/JSON standard-2016 conformance for PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL

Updated 30-05-2019:
We committed jsonpath to PostgreSQL 12 and decided to postpone SQL/JSON functions for the next release. Check my talk at PGCon 2019

Updated 21-03-2017:
Refresh data for MySQL ( 8.0.4 version).
SQL-commands, we used for checking conformance

Updated 10-07-2017:
Short version of comparison table.

We compared SQL/JSON Standard-2016 conformance in the latest versions of the major relational databases and it is clearly seen from the table below, that PostgreSQL support is the best ! Nikita Glukhov and I have started this project a year ago, a couple of months after the Standard was published. Our initial intention was to have it in PG 10, but community afraid of the size of the patch. A year of development, reading the Standard, a lot of chatting, were really helpful to us and we confirmed now, that SQL/JSON standard is really useful and our implementation is solid.

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