Oleg (obartunov) wrote,

Partial TOAST decompression for jsonb

Inspired by commit support for partial TOAST decompression
"When asked for a slice of a TOAST entry, decompress enough to return the slice instead of decompressing the entire object."

I and Nikita Glukhov made a quick experiment to see how jsonb could get benefit from this commit. The idea is simple, let's short values (more valueable) stores before long one. Currently, access time is independent on key, but with support of partial decompression we can get benefit for front keys.

Since jsonb stores values of keys in sorted (by key) order, we generate values depending on key name.

  "key1": "aaaa", /* 4 ^ 1 */
  "key2": "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa", /* 4 ^ 2 = 16 */
  "key10": "aaa ... aaa" /* 4 ^ 10 = 1M */

create table t(jb jsonb);
insert into t select (
  select jsonb_object_agg('key' || i, repeat('a', pow(4, i)::int)) from generate_series(1,10) i
) from generate_series(1, 1000);

We applied the partial decompression for '->' operator and tested performance with this simple query
select jb->'key1' from t;

The result is as expected - access time depends on a key:
key1-key5   key7    key8     key9     key10
  10 ms     48 ms   152 ms   548 ms   2037 ms

Access time for non-optimized operator '->>' is the same for all keys and roughly is 2000 ms.

So, this is what we can get for now. Ideally we want to have access time for all keys equal for time of accessing the first (fastest) key, currently we have the opposite.

I hope TOAST will be improved and we could decompress any slice using data type specific algorithm.
Tags: jsonb, pg, pgen

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